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MOD - F1 style Rim for Logitech G29
MOD - F1 style Rim for Logitech G29
MOD - F1 style Rim for Logitech G29
MOD - F1 style Rim for Logitech G29

Acelith Design

MOD - F1 style Rim for Logitech G29

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Very few pieces available.
Pre-order available (only for steel plates). Waiting time: maximum 7 days.

Mod for Logitech G29, open wheel (F1) style.

The mod includes:

  • Plate in galvanized steel;
  • PLA handles already installed;
  • Adhesives already installed;
  • A kit of universal stickers to customize the controls;
  • Spacer, hub cover and adhesive logo (you can choose the brand from the list).

How to install the mod.

The best way to disassemble your G29 is to follow the tutorial of the legendary AMStudio. The video of his tutorial below. 

Unlike the author of the video, however, you will have to fix to the hub directly the new rim (with the adapter already mounted and using the 6 original screws, using a hexagonal key, tightening enough, without exaggerating) and then the 4 black buttons that we provide.

We recommend to install the buttons at the end of the process and WITHOUT fixing them with the small original screws. They are designed to fit perfectly into their housing. Fastening them with the screws would pose a risk of breaking them. Therefore, only use the screws if necessary (e.g. if the housing is damaged and the black button does not fit as it should).

The two longest buttons stand for R2 and L2, the shortest for L3 and R3. Just push them towards their housing in the right direction (note the direction of the small flaps along the pivot). 

For any info or problem do not hesitate to contact us