For devices purchased after 20 April 2024:

For devices purchased before 20 April 2024:

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  • 1

    Mount the included bracket to your base (using Velcro or screws, depending on your base).

  • 2

    Mount the dash to the bracket by fixing it from behind with the aluminium knob.

  • 3

    Connect the dash to your PC with a micro USB 2.0 cable (make sure it is a data cable and not a charging-only cable).

  • 4

    Set the switch to the right of the dash to "ON". The device should now be automatically recognised by SimHub.

  • 1 - Install SimHub

    SimHub is required to operate the LEDs and the screen. It is free software, you can download it from here: DOWNLOAD.

  • 2 - Synchronise SimHub

    On the main screen of SimHub click on your favourite simulator and synchronise the data if required. Remember that SimHub must always be active in the background.

  • 3 - Import the device template

    Download the Device Template of the Ace One Button plate (DOWNLOAD).
    Open it and then click on “Import in Simhub”.

  • 4 - Done

    After restarting SimHub (it is important to restart it) go to DEVICES, click on IMPORT NEW DEVICE, then click on the image of the Acelith Ace Dash 4".

    Via the device screen you can manage Leds, profiles etc.


    We recommend buying a Simhub licence (a small donation to the developer is sufficient) to enjoy 100% of the software.

  • 1

    In Simhub click on ADD NEW DEVICE in the "Devices" tab in the left column.

  • 2

    Search for the device "Generic Vocore screen" (the 4" version with the fallout image). Add it.

  • 3

    In SimHub -> ARDUINO -> RGB LEDS load the dedicated LED profile, which you can download here:

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