We are working on taking a step towards an entirely Acelith ecosystem. The road is long, but it has already been taken. More info in the coming months.

March 2023, we hope.

The process time varies from model to model (from 1 to 5 days).

Always look at the first line of the description on the product page.

If you add the leather handle coating service to your shopping cart, this service takes about 3 weeks.

Go to the dedicated page and click on the image of your steering wheel.


In the case of Thrustmaster and Moza, even the steel mods weigh much less than the original rim. In the case of Logitech, however, the weight is similar.

Steel plates are a good option, as the weight is 90% of the time less than the original rim while keeping the cost low.

When available, carbon fibre plates make the weight 3 times less.

  • A very large diameter steering wheel helps you to be more precise in small changes of direction, but the longer leverage will give you less force feedback.
  • On the other hand, a small steering wheel may be less precise, but it allows you to be faster in changing direction and feel the motor feedback more forcefully.

The diameters of our wheel mods in most cases reflect the original rim diameters (typically 28cm for Logitech and Thrustmaster, 29cm for T-GT etc), so that the motor works at the regime for which it was designed and does not create reliability problems.

Be guided by your heart, but keep in mind that the Formula Style, L-Style, Mc-Style and F27 models have ABS STP (Soft touch paint) grips that are more comfortable and attractive than the other models that have grips made of PLA (3D printing).

In our opinion, the L-Style models are the most beautiful, the Formula Style models are the most comfortable for Open Wheels, while the Mc-Style, F27 and M-Style mods are the most ductile as they fit well on both GT and Formula cars.

Ah, we don't recommend B-Style (DTM) models for people with very big hands. 

You can request a return within 14 days from the arrival of the goods. Simply send us the package back and we will make a refund of the order. In case of doubts or problems we are always at your disposal, both before and after that 14 days. In case of our error or factory defect, the cost of shipping (return shipping) is also at our expense. In case of return for other reasons, the return shipment is at the purchaser's expense. 

More here: Refund Policy

We are two brothers, Andrea and Francesco.
This is our passion. As sim racing enthusiasts we have ventured into this project. Our headquarters is in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy.

Company: Cgn-Lab Srls. 

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/acelithdesign/

Contacting us on facebook is undoubtedly the fastest way to get a response!

To Italy: from 7€.

The price may change depending on the precise destination and timeframes are only estimates

You will receive the tracking code in the shipment confirmation email, or within 24 hours. 

To Europe: from 12,90 €. (It may vary by country)
We ship all over Europe by DHL courier. Prices vary from country to country.

  • From 12,90 € for DHL Standard (average time: 5 working days)
  • From 14,90 € for UPS Standard (average time: 3-5 working days)
  • From 23,90 € for DHL Express (average time: 2-3 working days).

To get an actual shipping cost go to checkout and enter your shipping address. Before making the payment you can check the shipping price. 

To UK:
Shipping to UK temporarily suspended due to new Brexit rules.

We are working on it. Do we have a date? Not yet. 

To USA \ Canada \ Australia \ Others: Calculated at checkout
We ship to many other countries by DHL courier or UPS. The price varies from 25 to 50€. We recommend that you calculate the actual price directly at checkout.

We currently do not ship to the UK, South America, Africa, most of Asia and NZ. 

Important: Shipping times are only estimates.

Shipping Policy

No, sorry.

If you want to personalise your steering wheel, we recommend shops such as beststickers.net or stickersinternational.co.uk.

We do not have the rights to sell you logos of other brands.

Shipping to UK temporarily suspended due to new rules.

We are working on it, and if all goes well you will soon find our mods for sale on ebay.it.

Do we have a date? Not yet. We will announce this on the facebook page when possible.