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STP Handles set for L-Style Acelith Mods - Soft Touch Paint

STP Handles set for L-Style Acelith Mods - Soft Touch Paint

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This product is intended as a spare part for our customers. Maximum two sets per order.

Complete set of handles for all Acelith L-style models, both for logitech and thrustmaster steering wheels.

IMPORTANT: this set is already included with all L-Style models starting from July 2021, except for previously communicated cases.

  • Screws and nuts included;
  • Material: ABS;
  • Surface finish: Soft touch paint (STP).

If you already own a 2021 L-Style Acelith mod and want to upgrade to these handles, you can replace them using a simple Allen key. Only compatible with L-Style plates.

Thanks to the soft touch paint, the handles offer a "rubbery" effect, even though they are made of hard plastic. The grip increases after the first minutes of use, thanks to the temperature which increases slightly due to friction with your hands, so don't worry if during the first few moments of driving, the steering wheel will feel slippery.

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