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RIM Ace-One V2 C30 - Leather & Orange stitching

RIM Ace-One V2 C30 - Leather & Orange stitching

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PROCESS TIME: 1-3 working days

  • GT-style steering wheel;
  • Diameter of 30cm;
  • Weight: 550 grams;
  • Leather-coated handles with Orange stitching;
  • Anodised aluminium plate;
  • 70mm holes pattern, compatible with many button plates already on the market.

Choose from ready-made skins or customise one here:


If you select the option 'No stickers', we will ship the steering wheel without any stickers. The plate will then be black, matt, with a brushed finish and the Acelith logo UV-printed.

Compatibility list:

  • Acelith dedicated Button Plate
  • Fanatec Universal\Podium Hub (No endurance module)
  • Fanatec CSL Hub (V1, V2)
  • Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally
  • Cammus GT1
  • Simracingbay Ultra BB
  • Ascher C26L
  • Ascher B16M
  • Ascher B16L
  • SRC Pro
  • SRC GT-1
  • SRC Cup
  • AccuForce BB
  • Turn Button plate
  • PXN V12
  • Simcube GT-21 (to be tested)
  • Cammus GT1 (Specify this in the order notes and we will include a paddles spacer in the package).

Partially compatible:

  • Moza CS V1 (with spacer, read below)
  • Moza CS V2 (with spacer, read below)
  • Moza RS (with spacer, read below)
  • Cube Controls GT (it is necessary to drill two switcher holes)
  • (hole in back plate or spacer required)

Not compatible with Podium Button Module Endurance: there would not be enough room for the thumbs due to the diameter.

The Ace One may be compatible with button plates that we have not yet considered, so if you have any doubts please write to us. 

PLEASE NOTE, FOR MOZA USERS: It is possible to mount the Ace One V2 on Moza CS, CS V2 and RS button plates, but the thumb space is not sufficient for most drivers. For this reason, you should also order this spacer, which moves the plate away from the button plate, increasing the space.

What is included in the package:
- The Ace One V2 Rim;
- 6x M5 screws 16mm long. Depending on the hub you use, you would need longer screws, which you can order here: LINK

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