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Mod Thrustmaster Steering wheel Acelith
MOD - Rim Open Wheel for T300 RS
MOD - Rim Open Wheel for T300 RS
MOD - Rim Open Wheel for T300 RS

Acelith Design

MOD - Rim Open Wheel for T300 RS

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MOD - Open Wheel Steering wheel, F1 Style - For Thrustmaster T300 RS, by Acelith Design.
  • Compatible with PC and Console (PS4 - Xbox One etc.), as the steering wheel electronics are not altered.  
  • Steel plate, chemically treated to resist oxidation; covered with vinyl that simulates carbon fiber;
  • 3D Printed PLA handles already installed, easy to cover. Find out here (FAQ #2, important) how to cover them. We strongly recommend that you do so;
  • Diameter of 28 cm;
  • Stickers already applied (1 central logo sticker included in the kit, choose the brand you prefer from those available). 2 colours available.
  • For mounting in 2 minutes;
  • Laser cut plate, mod assembled by hand, in Italy.

    This mod is compatible with the following steering wheels:

    • T300 RS;
    • T300 Gran Turismo Edition;
    • Other steering wheels with the same HUB and keys layout. Contact me if your steering wheel is not on the list.

    The kit includes the plate, stickers already applied and handles already mounted. The kit does NOT include the thrustmaster hub. 

    All original buttons will be perfectly usable. 

    Why 28cm of diameter?
    The Thrustmaster T300 is designed for a 28 cm rim. In this way the motor will work perfectly.

    How to install the mod?

    Mounting this mod is very easy. Explaining it is much more complex than doing it. 

    1. Unplug the steering wheel from its base and place it on a table;
    2. At the back, you have to unscrew the two small screws under the paddles. If you have a T300 RS, you also need to unscrew a third screw, located in the lower centre (opposite the PS button);
    3. Unscrew the 6 screws located around the hub from the front of the steering wheel;
    4. Remove the rim. Be careful to leave the directional cross, the buttons and the small spring in place;
    5. Put the modified rim in place of the original one;
    6. Secure it using the 6 front screws you unscrewed earlier. The two small screws are no longer needed. Keep them in case you want to reassemble the original rim.
    7. Have fun!