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MOD - F30 CS V2 mod for MOZA CS V2 & V1 wheel

MOD - F30 CS V2 mod for MOZA CS V2 & V1 wheel

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MOD - F30 CS mod for MOZA CS V2 (big rotaries) wheel
  • Powder coated steel plate (black colour) or real carbon fiber;
  • Control stickers (DRS, RADIO Etc) included in the kit (white on black background);
  • STP (soft paint touch) grips already installed; 
  • Diameter: 30cm;

This model is compatible with both V1 and V2 version of the Moza CS hub.

Carbon fibre plates weigh four to five times less than steel. Note: Carbon fibre plates are also more flexible than steel.

Not recommended for those with big hands.

How to install:
Unscrew the 6 screws with which the original rim is mounted to its buttonbox. With the same screws mount the Acelith mod.

A moza CS V1 or V2 wheel

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