F27 Formula Style Rim for Logitech G923 (Xbox - PC)

F27 Formula Style Rim for Logitech G923 (Xbox - PC)

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Mod for Logitech G923, 27cm diameter.

    The mod includes:

    • 27cm diameter plate.
    • (NEW) Set of handles with STP (Soft Touch Paint). Thanks to the soft touch paint, the handles offer a "rubbery" effect, even though they are made of hard plastic;
    • "Acelith" central dome sticker included;
    • A kit of universal stickers to customize the controls (DRS, RADIO etc with black background);
    • A kit of universal ROUND stickers;
    • Spacer, screws and nuts;
    • L2, L3, R2 and R3 buttons.

    Plate material options.
    If you select a carbon fibre plate (both classic or forged) and then the 'Carbon look' skin, we will not glue anything onto the plate. The "Real Forged Carbon" plate will therefore have a different finish from the preview.

    Carbon fibre plates weigh four to five times less than steel.


    • A Logitech G29 / G923 (PS and XBOX);
    • These tools:
      1 allen key H2
      1 allen key H2.5
      1 allen key H4
      Mini Phillips screwdriver

      If you don't have them, add the optional 'assembly tools' to your cart