Custom Skin - Acelith F27 Formula Mod PS - PC

Custom Skin - Acelith F27 Formula Mod PS - PC

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Customise the skin for your F27 Formula Style (PS - PC version) mod with your team colours.

  • The skin is printed in a polymeric and laminated PVC vinyl, and is resistant to time, abrasion and scratches.
  • The production of a customised skin takes about five working days.

Advice: we recommend ordering it together with the mod, so that we can glue it onto the plate (we will replace the mod's default one). It can be purchased separately, but without the right tools it is tricky to apply it without leaving air bubbles or wrinkles.

Unfortunately, for technical reasons it is not possible to display in the customization panel the precise color codes you choose. If you prefer specific colors, write them in the order notes and we will take care of the rest. We always review every design you create.

You must own an Acelith F27 skin, or order it together.