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3D Model - Alternative Buttons for T300 GTE Rim

3D Model - Alternative Buttons for T300 GTE Rim

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This 3D model is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. You cannot use the material for commercial purposes.

The buttons on the T300 GTE steering wheel are blue and red. These colours and can often interfere with the aesthetics of the rim. Furthermore, having a rounded surface, they do not allow you to add stickers on them. 

For this reason, we designed these replacement buttons. They are identical to the original, but you can make them in any color and they have a flat head.


There are two versions in the ZIP file. The first version is one single STL file.

If you want to avoid supports, you can use the second version, where the pin is in a separate STL. To avoid creating supports (it does not need any support in this case), the button is divided into two STLs: the central body of the button and a pin. If the pivot doesn't fit perfectly, use the super attak, or adjust the tolerances through your slicer (such as "horizontal expansion" in CURA).

You'll have to print 6 for each rim. These buttons have been tested exclusively on Ferrari GTE rim. 

Designed to use round stickers. These: LINK

Printing does not take long, so we recommend using 0.1 layers and a 0.4 nozzle (or less). 

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