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3D Model - Dashboard mod for Original G29\G920 wheel

3D Model - Dashboard mod for Original G29\G920 wheel

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This 3D model is licensed under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. You cannot use the material for commercial purposes.

This mod can be mounted in the center of the steering wheel instead of the original hubcap.  We recommend coating the outer ring with adhesive vinyl (as in the picture, carbon-like vinyl) and placing a round badge in the middle (inner badge diameter 35mm).

Thanks to Velcro stickers, you can also turn your smartphone into a dashboard directly on the steering wheel. 

Where to find the Velcro sticker
You need a Velcro sticker measuring 10 cm x 4 cm. Here is where to buy: LINK
This dimension is not mandatory. 

Where to find round stickers
The best are those with a dome effect (transparent resin). They are cheap and can be ordered in different online sites (also customizable, with your own design). Click here for an example site. 

The smartphone app we recommend
We love the "SIM Dashboard" app. Highly recommended: LINK

How to install it

  • Unscrew the 6 central screws of the steering wheel;
  • Mount the holder by fixing the two pieces you have printed with two M3x25;screws (preferably countersunk) and two M3 nuts;
  • Glue the hardest part of the Velcro into the rectangular surface, as in the photo;
  • Attach the holder to the steering wheel with the original 6 screws instead of the original hubcap;
  • Glue the remaining part of the Velcro (soft part) to the back of your smartphone. It is advisable to buy a silicone cover, which should always be left on the steering wheel. 

It will be necessary to make supports only for the slots of the 6 main holes. To make the pieces fit together well, you need to calibrate the printer. We recommend an Infill higher than 50-60%.

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