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STAND - Smartphone Dashboard holder for T300 Servo Base

STAND - Smartphone Dashboard holder for T300 Servo Base

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Process time: 1-3 days. 

This holder allows you to mount your smartphone on the base of the Thrustmaster T300 and use it as a dashboard. The free app that we highly recommend: "SIM Dashboard" (LINK).

The kit includes: 

  • 3D printed Stand;
  • 2 pairs of velcro [4x10cm]. One will be used to glue the stand to the base; the other one will be used to fix the cover of your phone to the base.


  • Make sure that the base of your Thrustmaster is like the one shown in the picture.
  • An extra cover for your smartphone.

We recommend to buy a silicone cover. In this way you can put and take off your smartphone without ruining it. 

The advantage of having a fixed dashboard on the base and not on the steering wheel means you won't alter the weight and center of gravity of the steering wheel. Recommended if you have an addon steering wheel. The original steering wheel would cover the view.

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