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Handles Covering

Our handles are printed in 3D in PLA, with a surface finish that simulates the suede effect. We highly recommend covering the handles.

The options we recommend are:

  • Quick and economical solution: Overgrip Tapes for tennis rackets or bicycles (you can buy them here LINK).

    It's true. Aesthetically they are not the top, but they guarantee the best grip level compared to other methods.

    Installing them is not too complex. All it takes is a little patience and a few tries. We recommend that you buy tapes as thin as possible. Since it doesn't need gluing, you can try as many as you want without ruining the handles. 
Here is an example. Thanks to Luis Fano for this photo!

  • Fake alcantara. Online you can buy fake suede leather at a fraction of the cost of real Alcantara. This method requires skill, so make sure you study the feasibility of the project before you buy the material.

    The handles of our mods are removable. Simply unscrew the screws with an Allen key to facilitate the covering of the handles.

  • The most expensive but most rewarding solution: Real leather. 
    To cover the handles in genuine leather, we recommend that you rely on a professional. Usually a craftsman asks about 100-120€ for this service. 

    It 'a service that we are developing, so on our shop you will find more and more often mods with handles already covered in leather\Alcantara.