Guide to choosing

Which model do we recommend?

Be guided by your heart, but keep in mind that the Formula Style, L-Style, Mc-Style and F27 models have ABS STP (Soft touch paint) grips that are more comfortable and attractive than the other models that have grips made of PLA (3D printing).

In our opinion, the L-Style models are the most beautiful, the Formula Style models are the most comfortable for Open Wheels, while the Mc-Style, F27 and M-Style mods are the most ductile as they fit well on both GT and Formula cars.

Ah, we don't recommend B-Style (DTM) models for people with very big hands. 

The diameter of the steering wheel

  • A very large diameter steering wheel helps you to be more precise in small changes of direction, but the longer leverage will give you less force feedback.
  • On the other hand, a small steering wheel may be less precise, but it allows you to be faster in changing direction and feel the motor feedback more forcefully.

The diameters of our wheel mods in most cases reflect the original rim diameters (typically 28cm for Logitech and Thrustmaster, 29cm for T-GT etc), so that the motor works at the regime for which it was designed and does not create reliability problems.