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Custom Skin - Acelith Ace One V2 #3 (Sticker only)

Custom Skin - Acelith Ace One V2 #3 (Sticker only)

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Customise the skin for your Ace One V2 with your team colours.

  • The skin is printed in a polymeric and laminated PVC vinyl, and is resistant to time, abrasion and scratches.
  • The production of a customised skin takes about five working days.

For technical reasons it is not possible to display in the customization panel the precise color codes you choose. If you prefer specific colors, write them in the order notes and we will take care of the rest. We always review every design you create.

If you order this customised skin together with the Ace One, we will apply it ourselves, replacing the original one, unless you specify otherwise.

Please note:

due to the different nature between the screen through which you are viewing this page and the vinyl on which the skin will be printed, colours will be brighter and more vivid on the screen (we are talking about LEDs emitting light against ink on a vinyl). Take this into account when choosing colours.

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