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MOD - Rim Mercedes Benz GT3 for T300 RS

Acelith Design Sim Racing

MOD - Rim Mercedes Benz GT3 for T300 RS

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MOD - Steering wheel inspired by the Mercedes GT3 car  - For Thrustmaster T300 RS, by Acelith Design.
  • Compatible with PC and Console (PS4 - Xbox One etc.), as the steering wheel electronics are not altered.  
  • Steel plate, chemically treated to resist oxidation OR aluminium;
  • PLA fuzzy skin handles, moulded to ensure a high level of comfort;
  • Diameter of 28 cm;
  • Kit of universal stickers and central logo mercedes included, to customize the controls;
  • For mounting in 2 minutes;
  • Made in Italy.

    This mod is compatible with the following steering wheels:

    • T300 RS;
    • T300 Gran Turismo Edition;
    • Other steering wheels with the same HUB and keys layout. Contact me if your steering wheel is not on the list.

    The kit includes the plate, stickers (white on black) and handles The kit does NOT include the thrustmaster hub. 

    Simply unscrew the 6 central screws and the two small screws located behind the paddles and then mount the new plate with the same screws. All original buttons will be perfectly usable. 

    Why 28cm of diameter?
    The Thrustmaster T300 is designed for a 28 cm rim. In this way the motor will work perfectly.