MOD - F1 Rim for Logitech G27
MOD - F1 Rim for Logitech G27

MOD - F1 Rim for Logitech G27

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Process Time: 2-6 business days.
MOD - Open Wheel Steering Wheel - For Logitech G27, by Acelith Design.
  • Compatible with PC and Console (PS4 - Xbox One etc.), as the steering wheel electronics are not altered.  
  • Black Painted steel plate; covered with vinyl that simulates carbon fiber;
  • (NEW) Set of handles with STP (Soft Touch Paint) surface, also usable without gloves. Thanks to the soft touch paint, the handles offer a "rubbery" effect, even though they are made of hard plasticMore info here. Find out here how to cover them, if you want to do it; 
  • Diameter of 28 cm;
  • Stickers already applied;
  • For mounting in 15 minutes;
  • The original G27 buttons remain functional.


  • A Logitech G27, of course.