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Mod Logitech G27
MOD - Rim F1 Open Wheel for Logitech G27

Acelith Design

MOD - Rim F1 Open Wheel for Logitech G27

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MOD - Open Wheel Steering Wheel - For Logitech G27, by Acelith Design.
  • Compatible with PC and Console (PS4 - Xbox One etc.), as the steering wheel electronics are not altered.  
  • Steel plate, chemically treated to resist oxidation; covered with vinyl that simulates carbon fiber;
  • 3D Printed PLA handles already installed, easy to cover. Find out here (FAQ #2, important) how to cover them. We strongly recommend that you do so;
  • Diameter of 28 cm;
  • Stickers already applied;
  • For mounting in 15 minutes;
  • The original G27 buttons remain functional.


  • A Logitech G27, of course.

The mod is installed using the same screws as the original rim. Video-Tutorial coming soon. 

Why 28cm of diameter?
The Logitech G27 is designed for a 28 cm rim. In this way the motor will work perfectly. 

How to install the mod?

  1. Unscrew the 6 hub screws;
  2. Remove the hub cover;
  3. Remove the hub, being careful to disconnect the cables that go from the electronic board to the two push-buttons;
  4. Now it is time to mount the buttons on the mod. Each of the two push-button panels consists of two pieces of silvered plastic. The back one, that is without the 3 holes for the buttons, you can put it aside, it will not be needed. The other piece, instead, should be placed in the respective holes of the mod plate (look at the image of the product to see where it should be placed). Make sure to insert the small black plastic spacer included in the kit under the buttons.
  5. Use the small original screws to fix the panel to the plate. The screws must be inserted directly into the small countersinks in the back of the plate.
  6. Also do this with the second hand control;
  7. Connect the cables of the hand control to the electronic board;
  8. Attach the plate to the hub with the 6 central screws, exactly as the original plate was mounted;
  9. Have fun!