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Mercedes GT3 Steering Wheel
Mercedes GT3 Steering Wheel
Mercedes GT3 Steering Wheel

Acelith Design

Mercedes GT3 Steering Wheel

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  • Made in Italy;
  • Plug & Play (self-installing drivers);
  • For Thrustmaster and Logitech bases;
  • Diameter 28mm.
  • Steering wheel complete with electronics and adapter.

    Handles lined by hand with similar-alkantara;
    Rear hub for electronics and cables 3D printed. One single piece, for better strength;
    8 buttons and 2 paddles with magnets;
    Electronic Plug & Play: once connected, the steering wheel installs the drivers automatically;
    Compatible with: G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 / T500 / T300 / TS-PC Racer / OSW with 50mm or 70mm QR.

    If the item is not immediately available, it will be produced on request and shipped within 20 days.