Custom skin for Acelith Rims - Make your own skin

Custom skin for Acelith Rims - Make your own skin

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This service is in the testing phase, so it will not be directly available for purchase from this page for a while. If you are interested, send us an email to specifying which mod you would like to customise. 

This product is currently only intended for teams and those who are able to design their own skin. It is therefore recommended for teams that have a designer in-house who is able to send us a ready-to-print file.

The price of the first skin already applied on an Acelith mod is 19.90€. For subsequent copies the price is 5€ each.

  • 1 single skin: 19,90€
  • 2 skins: 19,90€ + 5 €.
  • 3 skins: 19,90€ + 10 €.
  • and so on.
We will send you the template on which you can design. The template consists of the picture of the mod of your choice with transparent colour where the skin should be, and there you can draw your own. Then you send us the file which we print out, cut out and paste onto the mod.

We recommend ordering the skins together with the mods, so that we can install it ourselves.
We can only make skins for our Acelith mods.